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 So, ya girl has just embarked on a new hyperfixation! I am, thanks to the Instagram algorithm, now the proud owner of a calligraphy pen holder, nibs, sumi ink, and some high-quality paper. Although it’s intimidating to be a beginner, I also always love the thrill of investigation, anticipation, and watching a new project come together. The novelty is high, and excitement buoys me forward.

Can I ignore the fact that I have a trail of crafts behind me? No, of course not. The sewing, weaving, knitting, painting, crocheting, print-making, mending, bookbinding, tufting, candle-making, embroidery, jewelry-making, ceramics, and quilting supplies all take up a considerable amount of space in my garage and attic (in fact, Michael built a whole annex connected to the garage and I know it’s a source of anxiety for him to see how messy and chaotic that tailor-made storage space is right now). So, one could argue that I’m just going to find one more thing to obsess over and abandon, and thus consider that a futile exercise. However, I would argue right on back that I’ve returned to most of those mediums time and time again, in large and small ways.

I would argue that the skills needed to learn and practice each of these skills informs my later sojourns with the others. Plus, as I talked about last newsletter, there is pleasure and power in making art for art’s sake. It’s fun to learn something new.

And I know that young Ashley would be stoked to see all of the things she’s learned to make and do. She’d be excited to see my boxes of fabrics and fibers. She’d be dying to get her hands on all the goodies haphazardly stored in the annex. And when I get my studio in order, I’ll be doing it for current me, but also for her. A promise kept to that little weirdo who always wanted a place to call home filled with projects and things she could do with her hands. I can do that for her! I can do that for me!

prompt #58:

Take out that timer and set it for five minutes. We’re going to take some time to ponder young us. What did they dream of? What did they hope for? How are you living a life for them now? What are you doing, or what could you be doing, to honor them and their inspiring little spirit?

When your timer goes off, you can take a break and a deep breath for little-you. Re-read what you’ve written and see what you think. Is this piece in need of transformation, or would you like to leave it be? Totally up to you!

If, after all that pondering and creating, you’d like to share in our next Sun Showers, please hit “reply” and send it my way!

ashley’s piece, a promise:

Hello, little me,
young one,
precious child.

I will wrap you tightly,
hold you nightly,
keep you safe in my palms.

Press my ear to your chest,
hear your heart and your breath
as it fights to be strong.

When I breathe slow,
keep my voice low,
count to six-seven-eight,

will you feel calm,
know you’re not alone,
let yourself sleep tight?

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