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Whenever I get busy and overwhelmed, I kind of freeze up in my creative practices. I sleep in late, rather than getting up early enough to write. I swipe through TikTok after work rather than picking up a pen or some yarn. And then, the longer I go without writing or making, the scarier it feels to pick it back up again. That’s part of the reason I started Sun Showers in the first place; to sort of structure myself a bit so that I had at least something to write toward. And also to demystify the the writer’s block process for myself. By putting together these little prompts, for myself and others, I could remember that writing doesn’t have to be precious or perfect. And little bursts are fine! I know I talked about this idea just two newsletters ago. Sorry for the repetition, but I have to hear the message again and again, and maybe you do too.

prompt #52:

For this week’s prompt, pick two songs: high energy and quiet energy, or perhaps loving and heartbroken. Or maybe there’s another contrast that comes to mind for you.  Then, I want you to write your little heart out the whole time you’re listening Maybe you’ll be aware of how the music’s mood influences your writing, or maybe you’ll just let it leak in without filter. There is no “right way,” so just see how the practice goes for you. After you’ve written through both songs, turn off the music and re-read through what you wrote. As always, see if there’s something in there worth transforming or building up. Enjoy!

ashley’s piece:

You held me aloft,

thank you thank you,

on a pink soft cloud

crying the kinds of tears

that sweeten as they drip down your cheek.

And the lightness,

it’s so bright,

brings a breath,

both deep and fresh.

When you sing, the muscle unstrings,

the one that usually holds together my

anger, rage, sadness, gasp

of emotions,

tighter than one person should really bear.

You’re the color pink,

bright as a scream–

maybe you’d call it

a funfetti dream.

Does uncertainty keep some people kind?

I wonder and I wish

that maybe that wasn’t a question.

There’s this sadder hue

on the other side of the cloud.

Louder than a cry and a wail.

We love this song, this tale

almost as much as we love

the taste of salt.

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